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When you stop by our Tooele, Utah shop, you'll see our showroom. We invite you to pop in and have a look at our sample products as well as our expansive powder swatches.

Media Blasting

Our media blasting booth is fully enclosed, measuring 20' x 20'. With this size, we can tackle anything from wheels to vehicle chassis.

Powder Booth

Like our blast booth and oven, our powder booth can tackle small to large projects with ease. We run a GFS 'cross-draft-system with two-stage filtration. The real star of the show is our Gema OptiFlex Pro applicator. This is the top-tier powder gun to have when it comes to applying a quality finish.

The Oven

We have two ovens here at TPC. For larger projects, we have our 20' x 10' x 10' oven; which bakes the powder at temperatures upwards of 500°.

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