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What is Ceramic Coating, And What's The Difference?

First off, Tooele Powder Coating is a Federal Firearm licensed shop, ensuring the secure and compliant handling of your firearm(s) in our facility.

Cerakoting is a ceramic-based finish that is applied to various surfaces, including firearms, knives, and even automobile parts. More OEM, aftermarket, and custom shops choose Cerakote for its industry-leading performance attributes. Cerakote started as a business developing and manufacturing automotive high-temperature coatings, and has developed its reputation as the highest quality standard ceramic-based coating in the world. Cerakote’s unique properties allows for new solutions to old industry problems. Let’s look at some of the market segments you can expect to see Cerakote in.

One of the biggest advantages of Cerakote is its durability. It forms a tough and protective layer that can withstand wear, scratches, and even chemical exposure. This makes it perfect for items that are subjected to rough handling or harsh environments. Plus, it’s also highly resistant to heat, which is great for applications that involve high temperatures, like exhaust systems or firearm barrels. Cerakote encapsulates the heat and can help lower temps and keep things cooler. 

Cerakote has a wide range of uses. It’s commonly used on firearms to provide corrosion resistance and improve their overall appearance. Knives and tools can also benefit from Cerakote’s protective properties, ensuring they stay in top shape even with heavy use. Additionally, Cerakote can be applied to automotive parts, such as engine components, to enhance their durability and give them a customized look. But the biggest benefit is its ability to withstand not only extreme temperatures, but also the harsh environment on the road; such as salts in the winter.

Now let’s talk about the difference between Cerakote and powder coat. While both are durable coatings, they have different applications. Cerakote is specifically designed for smaller items and surfaces that require precision and detail, like firearms and small accessories. On the other hand, powder coat is typically used for larger objects and metal surfaces, offering a thicker and more heavy-duty coating. Powder coat is commonly used on things like car frames, outdoor furniture, or industry machinery. 


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